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Modular Control System - Output Module
The Output Module provides eight independently operable relays. Each relay has two sets of contacts configured as DPST. A total of eight Output Modules can be used together for a total of 64 outputs.

  • Screw terminals allow for quick and easy wiring.
  • LED indicator visually confirms operation.
  • Heavy duty relay and connectors are capable of switching up to 3 Amperes

The Output Module is typically used for active relay testing and controlling multiple external devices.

5-1302 Output Module  
Relay Testing Power Supply Assembly
The Relay Testing Power Supply is a floating supply, providing a 12VDC isolated output that is designed specifically for testing relays.
  • Screw terminals allow for quick and easy wiring.
  • 12VDC relay testing with a maximum of 900 milliamps
5-1063 Relay Testing Power Supply