Calibration Verification Device
The Calibration Verification Device is used to verify that the NX Tester is properly calibrated. It verifies the tester's resistance and capacitance measuring performance. It also verifies that the tester's voltage reference is within a specified range to assure accuracy.

The results of the calibration verification will be summarized on the NX Tester's display - including the date, serial number of the Calibration Verification Device, and whether it passed or failed. The results can also be transfered to the NX Memory Card. The Calibration Report File can then be transfered to a PC, where it can be viewed with a web browser as well as printed. Review the detailed Calibration Verification Device application note for more information.

Dynalab Testers are calibrated right before they are shipped to customers. Dynalab's recommended calibration verification interval is one year.

5-1040 Calibration Verification Device (Low voltage)
5-1041 Calibration Verification Device (Hipot)