The NX Tester can measure resistances and capacitances with great accuracy. Not only is the NX Tester accurate, it is also fast. The NX Tester can perform complete continuity and short circuit testing on a 1024 test point wire harness in less than 5 seconds.
Circuit Resistance
The NX Tester measures every circuit in the wire harness and compares the measurement to programmed thresholds to determine continuity and shorts. While testing, the NX Tester displays the measured resistance and the threshold value.
Many wire harnesses contain discrete resistors. The NX Tester can measure resistors with the following ranges and accuracy:
    1 - 100 Ohms: +/- 1 Ohm
    100 - 2 Meg Ohms: +/- 1%
Self Calibration
The NX Tester is self-calibrating, ensuring the precision of resistance and capacitance measurements. Periodically, the NX Tester measures internal precision resistors and capacitors whose known values enable it to automatically maintain accurate calibration.
Some wire harnesses contain discrete capacitors. The NX Tester can measure capacitors whose values range from 100 pF up to 500 uF with an accuracy of 5% to 20% based on capacitor type, 10pF.
The NX Tester makes accurate resistance measurements for each circuit in the wire harness, and retains these values throughout the course of the test. When testing is complete, the NX Tester can direct a report of test results to Dynalab's Report Printer or to a serial port.