Dynalab designed the NX System to be flexible so that it can easily conform to a variety of manufacturing environments and needs.
Bar Code Scanning
The NX Tester can accept input from a bar code scanner for product or operator identification.
Remote Display
Some wire harnesses are very large - 60 feet long or more. When working on such a large wire harness, the NX Tester's display may not be easily read from a distance. To solve this problem, the NX Tester can be equipped with a large Remote Display that makes the display messages easily readable from a distance.
Because many wire harness manufacturers have equipped their factories with modern data networks, Dynalab designed the NX System to be networkable. NX Testers can be optioned to connect to ethernet data networks for the purpose of transferring test programs, collecting QC information, collecting test process data, or communicating with a printer.
NX View Graphical Interface Software
NX View Graphical Interface Software enables a PC to function as an extended display for the NX Tester. This provides enhanced graphical and textual information during the progress of the test, such as larger easier to read text messages, graphic pictures of connectors with error information, work instructions, and visibility to all errors via a scrollable list.