Dynalab has established an excellent reputation for manufacturing reliable test equipment. The NX System builds on that tradition. Every aspect of the NX System has been designed with reliability in mind.
Robust ESD Protection
Electrostatic discharge poses a problem for any electronic equipment. When human operators interact with wire harness components, it is possible for static discharges to be transmitted from the operator to the wire harness. The voltage can reach very high levels several thousand volts, and is conducted through the wire harness into the tester. The NX Testers have been designed to withstand high levels of static discharge without incident. This results in fewer disruptions and a low likelihood of equipment damage.
Durable Memory Card
The NX Memory Card is a robust, durable design. It requires no internal battery for operation.
Strong Industrial Enclosure
Each NX Tester is contained in a 18 gauge steel enclosure with a durable powder coat finish.
Durable Buttons
Each of the four user interface buttons is made of durable ABS material - the underlying switch mechanisms are designed for countless operations. These are the same buttons and switches Dynalab has used for many years with great success.
Robust Test Point Interface
Each test point board has two sets of 64 gold plated contacts designed to mate with card edge connectors for the purpose of interfacing to external test fixtures. This combination of gold plated contacts and card edge connectors make for an extremely reliable interface - no pins to break or bend, and no contact corrosion.
Indestructible Opto-isolated Control Port
The NX Tester has a control port that is used to operate external devices such as a fixture clamp. The control port employs optical electronics to isolate the tester from external control circuitry - this eliminates any possibility of damage to the tester from external control circuitry.
Keys Uses Robust USB Connector System
The Supervisor and Operator keys employ the USB connector system - this is a robust, reliable, industry-accepted design.