File Control

One of the most valuable capabilities of the NX Server is the central depot for test programs. This capability ensures that NX Testers have access to the latest version of each test program from a single location. To accomplish this, the NX Server provides access to a central directory. This directory contains NX Test programs:

Pull Files from NX Tester

Any NX Tester that is connected to the network has access to program files stored on the NX Server. Access is through a simple sequence of menu selections through the NX Tester’s menu:

Select a test file from directories on the NX Server

A user can access the NX Server functions using an Internet Explorer web browser on any PC connected to the network. From the convenience of a user’s desktop, This application allows to select a test file from directories on the NX Server and send a copy of the file to one or more NX Testers connected to the network: