Training for your Particular Needs
Customer training is one of the many services that we offer. We provide a flexible training course guided towards Dynalab programmers and operators. This program was developed to help our customers keep up with changing technology and the increasing demand for technical knowledge. This training focuses in the problem areas that our customers encounter frequently, and is taught by one of our own experts.
Our instructor utilizes lectures, slide presentations, and classroom discussions to show how to use the equipment effectively. There is also a hands-on section of the training performed with the customer's equipment, where we emphasize individual needs of the company. This section consists of several different aspects from building the fixture boards to using the NX Tester to test the specific harnesses and applications.
By the end of the training period, users should be familiar enough with their equipment to be able to perform much more than just the basic functions. We provide them with a copy of the latest application notes and user guides, along with all the information offered by our expert during training.
Our training is offered in English and Spanish and our rates vary according to the location. If you need more information about training at your facility, please contact Dynalab Technical Support at 614-729-6550 or