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  • 50 to 1500VDC Hipot Testing
    50 to 1000VAC (optional)
  • 5Mohm to 1Gohm Insulation Resistance
  • Simple 4-button user interface
  • Tests for continuity and shorts
  • Tests diodes, resistors, capacitors and others
  • Precision resistance measurements
  • Continuous high speed scanning for real time complete status information of harness assembly progress
  • Keyed security access and control
  • Built for rough industrial environments
  • 2 serial ports for connection to printers and scanners
  • Standalone operation
  • Uses a high capacity memory card
  • Specially designed for low point-count applications

NX Hipot+ Tester
NX Hipot Testers are fast, accurate, and easy to use. Dynalab designed NX Hipot Testers using the latest available technologies to provide a flexible and adaptable product line that meets the changing needs of wire harness manufacturers. NX Hipot Testers provide all the features of Dynalab's low voltage NX Testers, plus the additional capability of high voltage testing for insulation resistance and dielectric withstand. For test applications that span the range from simple to complex, Dynalab's NX Hipot Testers offer more features than the competition at a lower price.

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NX HipotTesters Feature Summary and Specifications

7-0256-0 NX Hipot+ Tester with 256 Test Points
7-0512-0 NX Hipot+ Tester with 512 Test Points
7-0768-0 NX Hipot+ Tester with 768 Test Points
7-1024-0 NX Hipot+ Tester with 1024 Test Points

1000 VAC Hipot Option - To order this option, add -AC to the end of the part number (i.e. 7-256-0-AC).

Communications Board Option - To order this option, replace the last digit of the part number with 1 (i.e. 2-512-1). Click here for more information about the Communications Board.

NX View Option - Add enhanced graphics to the NX Tester with the NX View software application.
Click here for more information about the NX View.

Field Upgrade Options
  Hipot Test Point Boards