Getting started with the NX Hipot System is as simple as selecting an NX Hipot Tester, ordering the Hipot Getting Started Kit, and selecting the appropriate Hipot fixture interface method.

High Voltage Tester
Select the NX Hipot Tester based on the number of test points.

NX Hipot

128 Test Points

NX Hipot+

1024 Test Points

Essential Items
Dynalab has created a Getting Started Kit that includes all items required for a Dynalab System. This kit includes:
  • NX Editor and Download Cable
  • Memory Card
  • Memory Card Reader/Writer
  • Supervisor Key
  • Probe, 8'
5-1003 NX Hipot Getting Started Kit

High Voltage Fixture Interfacing
NX Hipot System test point boards provide 64 test points per board, organized into 2 groups of 32 points each. Each group of 32 test points is accessible from the back of the Tester. The Hipot Discrete Wire Interface Cable is used to interface to a set of 32 test points.